What is a Screen Breakdown & How To Write One?

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When you’re writing a script, you need to break down your scenes. A scene breakdown is a document that lists all of the scenes in your script and describes what happens in each of them.

You might think that this would be unnecessary because you already have your script written. But it’s important to go back through your work and make sure that everything makes sense as a whole.

Scene breakdowns can help you do this by highlighting any problems with pacing or character development. They can also help you figure out what needs to be added in order to improve your story.

What Does A Scene Break Down Include?

A scene breakdown includes:

  • An overview of the entire script including its genre, length and title
  • A detailed description of each scene with its setting, time period, characters present, etc.
  • A description of what happens in each scene (what happens before it starts and after it ends)

Scene Breakdown – The Conclusion

Scene breakdowns are a great exercise for any storyteller. Whether it’s for a film script or a novel, breaking down the scenes of your project can help you work through the plot and structure of your story. At its most basic, a scene breakdown is a shorthand way of mapping out all the elements of your story. Each scene in your screenplay becomes an entry on the outline, showing everything that occurs in that scene: characters, setting, description, dialogue and action.

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