What’s The Best Picture Resolution for TV Ads?

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You need to produce TV ads, but you’re not sure what picture resolution is the best for you. There are a few factors to consider, including whether to shoot in SD or HD. Also, we need to know which TV aspect ratio to use. Let’s look at the range of options.

The best possible picture quality is depends on the source material. Another factor is the TV’s display and its processing capabilities, along with the viewer’s expectations.

Here are some points to remember about picture resolution for your tv ads –

  • Consider your audience is watching an HDTV broadcast on a1080p TV. Odds are that they’re seeing at least 1080 lines of resolution. The “p” stands for progressive scan. That’s because these sources are meant to be displayed in their native format.
  • In case your target audience are watching a standard definition DVD, however, the signal could be 480 lines or fewer. If they are watching an HDTV broadcast that was compressed in some way — say with MPEG compression — it might be 720 lines or fewer.

So what’s the best resolution for TV?

The answer depends on what kind of content you’re placing the ads on.

Picture resolution is important in TV ads. You want your ad to look crisp and clear to potential customers, not grainy or pixelated. Although this may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at how often it isn’t considered.

If you are getting an advertisement delivered from a TV commercial production company, ask what their resolution standard is for broadcast TV ads. In case they don’t know, find someone else. If they tell you HD 1080i/p, but they’re burning everything in 720p and still claim to be “1080i/p”, find someone else — again.

This is the type of question that should separate out the professionals from the amateurs. A professional video production company will know these details about their craft for exactly that reason. It’s important for them to know what standards to hold themselves up against in order to do their job effectively.

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