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We are one of the most trusted ad film makers in Hyderabad with services also spread across India. With over two decades of experience, our teams are creative, strategic, and adept at delivering the right message to your target audience. Our work is comprehensive from the concept stage to the final delivery of the advertisement. We conceptualise, create story boards, develop scripts, scout for suitable artists, engage with celebrities if needed, we shoot, edit, and deliver. As everything evolved in the digital era, advertisements did too. From YouTube ads to TV commercials, we do it all. We also tailor the tone of advertisements to the medium of distribution to deliver you highly engaging video content. We have a range of reputed clientele from various sectors. Here are a few brands we worked with.
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Our Process
Our video production process is tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives. From conceptualization to final delivery, we work closely with you to understand your brand, target audience, and marketing goals. Our approach includes:

Strategic Planning

We conduct primary research to identify your unique selling points (USPs) and craft a strategic plan that aligns with your brand's vision and the goal it needs to cater to.

Creative Conceptualization

Our talented scriptwriters, directors and creative team collaborates to conceptualize a story with real life scenarios and characters that resonates with the target audience.

Professional Production

We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology and our creative professionals ensure top-notch production quality that reflects your brand and its present purpose.

Post-Production Expertise

Our skilled editors, animators and post production specialists add the finishing touches to bring your video to life, ensuring it stands out from the competition.

Post-Dissemination process

Our job is not complete with just the delivery of a production. We stay in touch with you to monitor how the film/video is performing and provide suggestions and solutions if required, for a better outreach to the target audience.
Our Clients
Advertising agencies are different from video production agencies. Ad agencies often plan a comprehensive role in projecting the brand identity. They strategize, plan, create, and also distribute content. Whereas, video production agencies are dedicated to producing video content. Often, video production agencies work as vendors for ad agencies.
Firstly, a video production agency is different from an ad agency. While ad agencies deliver various kinds of creatives for a brand, a video production agency specializes in video content. The cost of working with both varies as ad agencies often charge for the strategy, concept, or campaign planning. Where as video production agencies charge for concepts or project execution. In either cases, the actual commercials vary based on the project. Some factors that influence the commercials are number of crew involved, number of shoot locations, number of languages, the complexity of the concept, etc.
A good advertisement or commercial is one that achieves it’s purpose. Every advertisement has a different objective and different target audience. If the advertisement is successful in achieving the desired objective, then it is a good one. For example, an advertisement targeting top of the funnel audience has to be more informative than educational.
An effective advertisement is one in which the call to action is clear. It is also visually engaging and does not deviate from the core brand values. Once viewed, the audience must be prompted to take action or remember the brand associated with the advertisement. Some of the most effective ad films in Indian Television history are Amul Manthan ad, Fevi Kwik ad, surf excel ad, and in the recent times Whatsapp ad #itsbetweenyou
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At Chitralekha Studios, we have been weaving visual stories for two decades with an amalgamation of creativity, strategy, and technology.

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