10 Video Marketing Trends to take note of in 2023

Video Marketing Trends

Video Marketing is here to stay in 2023 and for years to come. It is important to know that the industry has dramatically evolved over the years, and so have video marketing trends. In today’s post, we will share top video marketing trends to follow this year. But first, let’s answer the most commonly asked question regarding the subject:

Is Video Marketing Still Effective in 2023?

Yes, it is. In fact, video marketing is a vital aspect for businesses around the world. As per the Content Marketing Institute’s 2022 Content Marketing and Visual Storytelling Survey, 73% of marketers agree that video marketing is essential for businesses to thrive this year around. More and more social media platforms are popping up, and they all are focusing on video-first algorithms.

Top Video Marketing Trends 2023 to take note of

Now let’s get to the good stuff and discuss top marketing trends for this year:

1. User-Generated Video

One of the top trends when it comes to social media marketing is user-generated video content. It essentially involves real users of your product talking about the video and its effect on their lives. Examples include a testimonial, demonstration of product usage, and haul videos that feature your product. With TikTok videos and similar features across multiple platforms, content is critical for connecting with the audience. Consumers respond 2.4x more to user-generated content than branded content.

2. Digital Communities Grow and Diversify

As people are slowly bouncing back from the effects of the pandemic, digital communities continue to thrive due to their human element in online spaces. Brands need to ensure that the content feels organic and truly communicates the language of every single platform. It is crucial to get on the emerging trends and conversations. Creating on-trend creatives will enable your brand to embed in communities with the help of content. These communities also help you connect with your target audience and optimize video marketing.

3. Audiences Use Multiple Platforms

When it comes to video marketing, always look for channel diversification. Your audience is probably scattered through the social landscape, and diversifying is very important. Every channel has its unique audience and advantages. Marketing across multiple channels is the key to growth, conversion, and retaining your audience. Moreover, these are relatively affordable options for marketers.

4. Audience Targeting Will Evolve

Targeting audiences on different platforms, even social media, has become complicated. That said, social media has been more saturated than ever, resulting in new challenges for brands. Do not get nervous, as social platforms have targeting capabilities and opportunities that will enable you to serve audience-specific content. This will also help you reshape your social marketing strategy to cater to a wider audience.

5. Social Media + eCommerce = Social Commerce

Did you know that in the year 2020, eCommerce growth surged by 30%? Social Commerce accelerated shopping trends by two years, and eCommerce became the preferred way of shopping. This trend is surely going to stay for years and years to come unless we find something more convenient. Keeping up with this trend, every major platform will continue to invest in building more engaging shopping experiences in 2023. It presents an opportunity to ideate lower-funnel video content that is specifically made for each channel.

6. Educational and Informational Videos

Online video content can help you learn nearly anything. Educational videos are going to be the top trend of 2023. One study done on TikTok users found that about 24% of respondents use the platform to do new things. YouTube is a fantastic platform for sharing educational content for your brand. Teaching users some valuable information is a sure shot way to get more customers who are going to stick around for a very long time and video marketing is the best opportunity to do so.

7. Rise of Interactive AR Content

Be very ready for innovative content types in 2023. Interactive augmented reality will be on the boom in 2023. Always keep a close eye on AR as it advances through 2023. Currently, it looks like a digitally immersive experience that is represented by fillers/lenses on different platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. But it will surely take different forms and continue to evolve through the year.

8. The Popularity of Virtual Events

These LinkedIn invites won’t be stopping anytime soon. It goes along with the growth of digital communities that increases popular virtual events. Statista states that 40% of global marketing events were held in 2022, only 35% in 2020. Virtual events are the norm even post-pandemic. It enables participants to gain experiences virtually without stepping out of their homes. Virtual events also help save time and money.

9. Influencers and Brands Collabs

Influencer Marketing is on the rise, and it is only going to thrive in the year 2023. We all agree that influencers impact our purchasing decisions in one way or the other. The potential benefits of video marketing with influencers have endless uses and will continue to bring positive impacts for businesses around the globe.

10. Connected TV Advertising

As Connected TV continues to boom, marketers will be using their ad dollars to meet the trend. Many businesses plan to add CTV into their 2023 marketing strategies. This step will essentially put your brand name on the biggest screen in the house, which is a huge plus. While it can get expensive, you don’t want to ignore this in the upcoming years. Give it a thought, and then slowly decide whether your business is ready to take this step or not.

The marketing trends listed above will surely evolve through the year 2023. That said, it is crucial to be on the lookout for new trends that might pop up and align the goals and strategies for your brand accordingly. Maintaining flexibility throughout the year is important. Stay vigilant on what is trending and what isn’t. We hope you found our post informative and helpful. If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts, feel free to connect and share.