Five tips to produce engaging video content for your brand

Five tips to produce engaging video content for your brand

In 2022, most marketers and brands have prioritized video content. It has been identified as the most consumable form of content that can be produced. But, it is not easy to create videos. Regardless of the plethora of tools available for free, engaging video content is hard to create. It involves lot more resources from your team than other types of content.

They are also expensive to create and often not within the reach of many small and medium-sized companies. However, videos do not have to be of great visual quality to be engaging. A great video is one that communicates the right message to your target audience and turns them towards the desired call to action.

Here are five tips for creating engaging video content

1. Finalize your brand positioning and strategy

Video or any type of content your brand creates must align with your brand positioning and strategy. Narrow down what your brand wants to communicate and how. Not every piece of your content needs to directly communicate your brand message. In fact, due to the short attention spans of customers, direct brand communication is often ignored. However, without brand positioning, your content will not have purpose and direction.

2. Identify customer personas

Once your brand positioning is clear, identify target customer personas. Understand how they interact with content and how they consume content. Your target audience determines what your content needs to be and how it needs to be delivered. A good way to get started with customer personas is to observe trends in data or get started on some experience marketing campaigns. Experiment as much as possible to understand your target audience.

3. Create a content calendar

A content calendar gives your team clarity and discipline to get started with content. Engaging content is not a one-time requirement and is needed every day to position your brand with your target audience. Ensure that you have a solid content calendar with mood boards before you kickstart content production. A content calendar also gives your team an understanding of the resources needed.

4. Hire content creation partners or have a dedicated team

Content creation is teamwork and video content is more complex than other types of content. A video needs a scriptwriter, director, producer, cast, etc. Without the right resources at your disposal or a dedicated team, you will not be able to deliver what you desire. Either outsource your content production once you conceive it or have an in-house dedicated team.

5. Be authentic and tell a story

This is the most important of all. When creating content, incorporate an authentic narrative and tell a story. Storytelling is what your audience will relate to. Your target audience is the characters in your story. The more authentic and strategic your content is, the better ROI it gives.

Final Verdict

Engaging video content is an amalgamation of several elements. Apart from the resources needed to create it, it requires dedication and commitment from your team. It is also more cost-intensive than other types of content. Be prepared before you dive in.

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