The ads are unstoppable, like those interrupting during World Cup matches and between the videos on YouTube right before the dramatic scene. But have you ever noticed how widespread advertising has become? That everything else can wait for it to finish first, even if it’s a major plot twist or a World Cup match.

Ads are becoming increasingly popular, as well as ad filmmaking because this is where it all began! To make money and spread awareness of a brand or product through advertising, you need to develop a clever concept that keeps the viewer interested in what they’re seeing rather than tapping the “skip ad” button.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about this filmmaking industry, you can enrol in one of the top 5 ad film-making courses in India. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the course descriptions.

5 Best Ad Film-Making Courses In India

Finding the right Ad Film-Making Course that helps hone skills like management, problem-solving, and post-production is indeed a hard row to hoe.

The course works as nothing less than the stepping stone of your career that spurs your creativity and keeps you up-to-date with the industry’s emerging trends.

So, after detailed analysis, we narrowed down 5 Ad Film-Making Courses to enrol in.

Now, let’s move on to the next section and get a clear idea of the Ad-Film course that pairs best for you.


Duration: 4 weeks (6 hours a week)
Course Fee: INR 8,499
Format: Online

It is a four-week course by AAFT Online that offers various perks to the students. The course aims to develop mass targeting skills that help your ideas touch the heart of every viewing eye. It teaches students the critical fundamental aspects and underlying principles of the advertising industry that will help students strengthen their creativity, comprehend their illustration skills, and grasp the practical knowledge of commercial film and advertising. 

With time, the course instructor, Tim Langford, helps students get an insight into some ongoing and famous works done in Europe, North America, and India.

By taking this course, a lot of new career opportunities will open for you in the production line of Ad film-making as

  • Ad Film Director
  • Creative Copywriter
  • Promo Editor
  • Storyboard Writer
  • Scriptwriter

By the end of this Ad-film course, you will be awarded a digital certificate.

📌 To learn more, AAFT Online

2. Chennai’s Visualite Film Institute:

Mode of Teaching: Both (Online and On-campus)
Language: English
Course Duration: 6 months

Another institute renowned for its videography and Ad film-making courses is Chennai’s Visualite Film Institute in Chennai Tamil Nadu. Its highly trained instructors and well-sought course outline brought various gems into the industry of Indian Advertising and Film Production.

The course is designed for those who want to endeavour the blossoms of the digital advertising world. Right from the first day, the course instructor focuses on the creative space of each student. It helps users develop a strong foundation in Ad Film principles and polish their zippy minds to think out of the box, develop deep hands in the fundamentals of the advertising industry, and gain insight into the cinematography and audio-visual factors.

After taking the course, you will be set to join the advertising industry as a scriptwriter, content writer, Ad film producer, or Ad-film director.

📌 To learn more, Visualite Film Institute

3. Ice Institute Of Creative Excellence:

Duration: 1 month (172 hours)
Course Fee: Scholarships Offered
Location: Janakpuri, New Delhi and Andheri (East) Mumbai

The course brings a new world of imagination and creation into students’ minds. It brushes up creativity and illustrating skills by training users to work on live sets.

Yashwant Shekhawat and Rajendra Sharma, the two renowned personalities in the Ad industry, lead the students. The program includes a unique medley of spot assignments, capstone projects, case studies, and dramatic simulation. These role-play scenarios and in-depth study probe students’ interest in the advertising industry but help them upskill ways to create cinematic and visual effects, influence the target audience, and direct Ads and commercials in post-production, corporate branding, and product branding.

Moreover, in the end, students will be awarded a certificate of excellence.

📌 To learn more, Ice Institute of Creative Excellence


Duration: 1 year
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Let it be the famous “Yehi Hai Right Choice Baby” Pepsi Ad or the “2 minutes Maggi” Ad campaign, Prahlad Kakkar ads have always been the focus of interest. So, what could be better than learning under his wings?

The Prahlad Kakkar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship, located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, also offers an Ad film-making course. The course outline aims to cover all the basic principles, advancing trends, and related aspects of the media and mass marketing industry.

It helps brainstormers develop a grip on Ad Film-Making’s pillars, including storyboarding, production design, art direction, post-production, and script writing.

Students will not only unravel the new roads of the advertising industry and branding but will be able to brush their creation and thinking power, learn the on and off-camera dynamics, and work on their weak points. Moreover, students will get a chance to interact with known names in the media industry, like Subhash Ghai, Piyush Panday, and many more.

Like other courses, you will be given a certificate for course completion.

📌 To learn more, Prahlad Kakkar School

5. NAME (National Academy Of Media & Events)

Duration: 12 weeks
Days: Friday and Saturday ( 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
Fees: Rs.18,500.

NAME is an institution that helps people gain fame and identity. It has two trainee centers, one in Kolkata and the other in Mumbai.

Where it offers multiple courses, its Ad film-making course is one of its types. The course lets young minds know and recognize their plus points and areas of excellence. It incorporates areas like branding, marketing, storyboarding, etc., thus opening a new world of leading careers for you.

This course trains the students about underlying theories, ad principles of ideating, visualizing, and creating. Moreover, it helps them in post-production, directing short 20 seconds Ad films, still shooting, VFX effects, critical and comparative analysis of international Ads, and production of print and digital Ads.

Moreover, you get to meet different industry faces and learn from their stories.

📌 To learn more, National Academy of Media & Events


Indeed, Ad film-making courses are designed to take your zippy minds across avenues of cinematography. They are the only means to bring out the hidden talent of individuals by making them work out of their comfort zone.
So, it’s your time to choose the right course and work out your way to the ever-expanding world of the Ad-Film industry.

An Ad film is not just meant to be seen on TV or online; it can also be used as a marketing tool in social media. Shooting and editing is the most important part of creating a great ad film. And as you know, in this industry, time is money!

So here are some tips to help you create an awesome ad film

Plan ahead

You can’t just jump into filming without a plan. Its essential to know what you want to achieve with the ad, how it should look like, how long it should be and who will star in it. You also need to think about what kind of music will go best with your product or service.

Make sure your story is clear

The story should be simple and clear, so that it can easily connect with the audience’s emotions. The viewer should also understand what your brand is all about in just a few seconds.

Use relevant visuals

Visuals play an important role in advertising as they can convey messages more effectively than words can ever do. So always use relevant visuals that connect well with the audience’s emotions, such as people laughing or crying or doing something else that will get them interested in what they see on screen.

Show off what makes your product unique

Shoot scenes that show the product in action. This is one of the most effective ways to sell something. Is it made with recycled materials? Does it come with an extra attachment or accessory? Show those off!

Put in some action into the video

Make sure there’s enough action to keep people engaged throughout the video. If there isn’t enough movement or something interesting happening throughout the video, people will get bored quickly and leave before they finish watching it all the way through (and then they won’t buy).

Getting Started with your next ad film project

Now that you’ve taken the first step and understand what makes a great ad film, it’s time to start creating your own. To assist you in your quest to make an amazing ad film, our ad filmmaking experts are always at your disposal. Whether you’re new to the industry or have years of commercial film experience behind you, Chitralekha Studios, the top ad filmmakers in Hyderabad will ensure that your next ad is more engaging and stands out among the crowd.

Ad commercials are a powerful way of communicating your message and are an important part of any marketing strategy. But creating an ad film that is informative, memorable and engaging is not as straight forward as it seems.

Here are the four keys to successful ad commercials

  1. Have a clear purpose – why are you making this ad film? What do you want the person watching it to do or think?
  2. Identify your target audience – who is going to watch your ad film? If you don’t know who they are then how can you show them something relevant?
  3. Always tell a story – stories engage people in a way that facts and figures cannot. An idea needs to be memorable so that people can associate with it easily and relate to it later on down the line when they need what you’re selling.
  4. Make sure there’s no jargon – if you use industry terms in an ad film then most people will not understand what you mean because they won’t know what those words mean! Make sure everything is explained clearly and simply so everyone can understand it easily without having to look up any words afterwards!

When creating your next advertisement, keep the key points of psychology in mind. Seek to inspire action. Stir up emotions. Each will help you create an ad that is engaging and memorable. Then simply pick a medium that’s a good match for your product, engage the right team of people to develop and produce it, and then choose the right channel to let your target audience see it.

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When it comes to an Ad Film, TV Commercial and Online video commercial, the purpose is to promote new products or brands. The one main thing that makes them novel is their ability to inspire an impactful message within a short time frame that is less than 2 minutes.

Here are 3 elements that can make your Ad Film or TV Commercial different & better

The story behind the product

If you can’t tell a great story behind your product, then why should anyone buy it? Your ad film or TV commercial needs to show what makes your product so special, and why customers should buy it over all others.

The visuals and soundtrack used

The visuals and soundtrack used in your ad film or TV commercial will help to set the tone for the overall piece, as well as make it more memorable. Make sure you choose wisely!

The length of time spent on each shot

Some people believe that shorter ads are better because they can hold attention better than longer ones. However, if the shorter ads aren’t backed up by something really interesting in the background of each shot, then they won’t hold attention for long at all. If you have an important point to make about your product, then make sure it doesn’t get lost in a flurry of images and sounds!

Our Verdict on TV Commercial Production

Telling a story through commercial is something hard to do. It requires a lot of talent, skill and understanding of what the audience wants to see. It is always advisable to hire the best ad filmmakers or TV commercial producers when it comes to your videos for your brand.

Get in touch with the top ad filmmakers in India today.

You may also take a look at our portfolio or explore the different services offered by Chitralekha Studios below: