5 Types of Video Content that Every Organization Needs in 2022

5 Types of Video Content that Every Organization Needs in 2022

We are about 5 months into the year but it’s never too late to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends. With the pandemic accelerating the shift towards video consumption, video can no longer be ignored by marketers. And powerful content creation goes beyond talking about your own products or services. So, here are 5 video marketing trends you can consider while creating content for 2022:

Short-form video

It is almost impossible to ignore short-form video content in the current social media and marketing trends. While it is not clearly defined, any video that is under 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length is considered a short-form video. With social media platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Pinterest, etc. thrusting on short-form video content, this will continue to remain the most consumed form of video in 2022. For marketers, this could mean shorter attention spans of the target audience and the need to leverage on the creator economy. According to Hubspot, short-form video has the highest ROI than any other one and 30% of marketers are planning to invest in it more than any other one in 2022.


User-Generated-Content is the most authentic way of connecting customers with your brand. Customers consider UGC videos to be more trustworthy and engaging than brand videos. This trend is likely to continue and dominate in 2022 too. For consumer brands, this trend can be detrimental to their content marketing strategy. Go-pro is an example of a brand that has leveraged UGC to its best. As Go-Pro founder, Nick Woodman puts it, “Go-Pro is about celebrating an active lifestyle and sharing it authentically”. The brand has been extremely successful in urging users to share how they use Go-Pro cameras in their adventures by incentivizing them and partnering with people who have an active lifestyle. As UGC has been proven to be better than brand created content, 86% of companies are now using it.

Live Commerce

Although not very well known yet, live commerce has been slowly growing over the past years. It started off as an experiment in China for Singles day and has blown into a transformative shopping experience. In 2020 over 560 million people in China have made purchases on live streams despite the pandemic. The trend has been noticed by the West and others. In India too, the live commerce sphere is accelerating rapidly with startups like SimSim and BulBul empowering small businesses to use the live commerce channel. Traditionally apparel & fashion segment has been dominating the usage of Live Commerce. We have an example from one of our clients too!

Explainer/Educational videos

Explainer videos are not necessarily a new trend but with the launch of new products every day and the rise in D2C start-ups they are becoming increasingly popular. Explainer videos do not necessarily craft a sales-style story but rather act as an infographic. They are more suitable for middle-of-the-funnel marketing and according to HubSpot over 84% of viewers are swayed by explainer videos.

Storytelling advertisements

Advertising is no longer one video or one-off creative. Crafting a brand story and compelling users to act requires consistent storytelling. And marketers seem to have realized this with an increase in series or storytelling style advertisements. One of the most recent examples of how powerful storytelling is demonstrated by Cadbury with the #Notjustacadburyad campaign during the lockdown to help millions of other businesses.

Regardless of the type of video chosen, video will continue to be a dominant tool in your marketing strategy. After all, if a picture is worth a hundred words, a video is worth a million.

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